Enterprise conversational AI

eva, enterprise conversational AI

Going forward, conversational AI will be the main method of communication and the user experience will be enriched across all business sectors.

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Jumpstart the best conversational AI experience with eva

eva is an enterprise platform for creating and managing unlimited virtual agents with conversational AI, helping the call center to deal with written or spoken conversations with accuracy and scale, while reducing the cost of service and improving the user experience
  • Omnichannel and analytical solution
  • 24x7 service in any channel
eva it significantly reduces the cost and time required to create virtual agents, so helping brands better serve their customers any time, via any channel and in any language
eva process more than 20 millions interactions per month
Up to 91% of retention
Up to 96% of accuracy

Trusted by the world's best companies

Thanks to its cognitive features, eva transforms the communication experience between companies and their customers

  • The cost reduction is clear: eva can take calls in a bigger amount, solve more problems in the first interaction and work 24/7. This will save your company a big amount of money in the long haul.
  • With eva it is possible to know the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. eva could access to user data and personalize conversation based on user’s profile and needs.
  • Time is precious for companies and users. With eva's Cognitive Contact Center, the average handling time is reduced, thus reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfactions.
  • Using eva and it’s NLP will help you to improve the AHT per customer. This reduce the time a customer needs to wait for their issue to be solve, increasing the user’s gratification and bettering the experience of your clients.
  • Thanks to the Cognitive Contact Centre we achieve significant NPS improvements in a short time. In addition, we can resolve user issues quickly and with a very positive impact on NPS values.
  • Using eva in your cognitive contact center will bring your users more satisfaction, by allowing them to solve their problems in a short and effective way.
  • eva can anticipate user’s needs, alerting them to any situation. With this warning, we increase users’ satisfactions and cut the peaks of calls to the Call Center.

Do you want to know more about the cognitive contact centre provided by eva?

Our cognitive contact center is an end2end solution with all components required. It is possible to set it up in a short time. In addition, it has a proactive approach based on real-time decisioning and machine learning

In its Cognitive Contact Center, eva implements a conversational AI solution for companies, which improves spoken or written communication through natural language, combining the power of artificial intelligence with human agents and opening a world of possibilities for connection between the company and its customers, making it possible to achieve differential conversational experiences.

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