Discover what’s new in eva 3.4 to create powerful virtual assistants
Angela Rodriguez August 30, 2021

Creating virtual assistants is a real challenge, so it is important to have platforms that allows you to manage each process in an optimal way.

The eva expert team has worked on improving the product evolving to eva 3.4 version, which brings new features in the dialog manager to create more powerful flows and improve the interaction with users.

We want to tell you about the new features of eva, our platform for creating and managing virtual assistants

Rule cells to manage and customize the flows of your virtual assistants

If you have flows that needs any kind of rules, Rule cells is for you.

You can manage and customize flows according to the variations of the business rule. It’s a resource to make your dialog more assertive and much more precise, as the bot will respond to any changeable scenario.

To know more about how to create Rule Cells, click here

Code cell

It’s a new way to share information available in eva’s system that doesn’t depend on APIs. It also allows creating variables, that’s why it provides immense advantages in a bot flow creation process.

Code Cell performs many activities (such as calculations and validation) without the need for this connection. This gives you the following advantages:


  • Manipulate objects
  • Anticipate executions and actions
  • Perform services without the need for APIs
  • Save time
  • Reduce services costs

To learn how to create a Code cell, just click here


Integration with Dashbot to have a better analysis about virtual assistants perfomance,

We make available a new integration with Dashbot.

This exclusive platform for bot analysis has more than 40 indicators, among which stand out users, conversations, intentions, entities and more.

For further information, click here
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