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Why eva for
Consumer Products

Companies has spent tons of money in user studies to collect this valuable feedback.

The arrival of conversational AI to the consumer products industry opens new possibilities to be close to the final consumers. Today is mandatory have a direct communication, understand the users, have access to suggestions or criticist.

eva focuses on three fundamental pillars to help consumer products industries: employees, companies, and final customer. Conversational AI solutions allows to create direct dialogs in convenient channels without friction, at an affordable cost, with a 24x7 service.
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Benefits for your employees

Make your sales team engaged

Give the best information to your team in a real time, using natural language at any time and in a fast way, so they can take the best action for their clients using the most updated information. Make them know their sales KPIs and what they must do to reach their goals.

Provide more services

Let your team access innovation products, sales bulletin, sales KPIs, creating new orders and cases. Make it easier for your clients to create new orders on their own, tracking that asks for help and creates cases whenever it is necessary. Make available any services you want.

Benefits for
final customers

Direct communication with a company is a dream. They want to interact, receive service and receive the help needed to know their product better.

Improve customer service
Customers want to solve their inquiries fast, anytime through any channel. With eva you´ll be 24x7 available, ready to listen and help them.
Sell by digital channels
Let your customer know the possibility of buying products through digital channels such as WhatsApp, Webchat, Facebook and more.

Benefits for your company

Get to know your customers better and be present in the digital channels they use. If you know them, you´ll learn what, when and how to sell to them.

Increase sales
The more opportunities your customers have to buy, the easier and faster they will buy. You can open a new sales channel 24x7, reducing risks and improving your margins.

Reduce your costs
Assign the backoffice team to more important tasks and let the virtual assistant take care of repetitive tasks.

Use Cases

eva improves the customer experience by transforming the buying process, preventing cart abandonment, sending notifications, accompanying the user through the shopping process, tracking orders, providing personalized product recommendations and much more. eva helps companies drive sales.

eva has the ability to help your customers find the product they need, get answers to their questions and make payments.

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