Conversational AI
in Healthcare

Why choose eva
for your healthcare chatbot

The digital transformation trend is especially relevant in the healthcare industry, which has been intensified due to the challenges imposed by the global Covid-19 crisis. The way of interacting with the patient and the ecosystem has been revolutionized, seeking to optimize processes, improve outcomes and keep companies as profitable as possible.

eva is an excellent artificial intelligence solution that provides healthcare organizations and companies with a true digital transformation, enabling new communication and interaction capabilities by creating new interaction models to generate a phygital experience.

Patients value experience more than ever. Thanks to eva, they can interact with many different platforms to connect with a wide range of service providers in heal t hcare, includ ing hospitals, laboratories, healthcare operators and other services.
These interactions can be done on a website, smartphone application, on physical totens installed in different places, through virtual reality technology, wearables, social media, voice calls, online chat and even home speakers such as Amazon's Alexa - which​
can learn many different skills to help, Apple's HomePod or Google's Nest.​

Through these platforms, healthcare organizations can significantly improve their performance and outcomes by managing a digitally automatized communication interface with clients.

If you want to read more, check out our white paper "Conversational AI taking the healthcare industry to the next level"
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Benefits of AI in Healthcare

eva includes a wide variety of omnichannel resources that can work together to improve operational costs and resources, as well as gather analytical information and provide the best experience for users and patients.

Improves patient

Thanks to eva, patients can communicate with a wide range of healthcare providers, including hospitals, laboratories, healthcare operators and other services, receiving continuous and personalized care, using multiple channels according to context, preference and need at the time and place they require, and can do so via voice or text.

Reduce medical
care costs

With eva, healthcare organizations will be able to save costs significantly, thanks to efficient interactions that address cases of direct impact for patients and the healthcare ecosystem. Cases such as appointment confirmation can reduce the no-show rate by avoiding no-shows and optimizing the time of clinical staff.


A greater focus on the patient implies generating a greater number of interactions. The use of eva makes it possible to scale the increase in interactions using efficient channels. Combining these capabilities with the analytics of available information allows structuring higher quality and personalized care flows on a large scale.

Improved interaction between
the clinical setting and the ecosystem

The challenge of a patient-centric approach requires greater interaction within the organization, leveraging collaboration and interaction capabilities to enrich the relationship with the patient. eva can be used as an internal enabler within the organization, facilitating rapid access to information from multiple sources in a conversational mode.

Use Cases of AI in Healthcare

eva combines benefits for end customers, who see a significant improvement in their experience, and for the company or organization, which will optimize operations, efficiency and results.

With eva it is possible to create different use cases aligned with the brand values of each organization: medical consultations, telemedicine, services requested while the patient is hospitalized, self-transportation, appointment scheduling, reminders and more.

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