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Why Conversational AI
for Telecom

Telecommunications users are increasingly demanding, and it is important to respond with an optimal, fast and secure service; therefore, companies in this sector musttake advantage of the capabilities offered by Conversational AI to offer the best experience for their users, while reducing costs, automating processes and improving their customers' experience.

Contact centers need to be simplified and optimized. With Conversational AI at the core of the Cognitive Contact Center, telecom operators can automate many customer interactions and simplify the overall architecture to obtain accurate customer information.
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Benefits Conversational AI for Telecom

Conversational AI is capable of predicting customer behavior from different interactions, automating customer interactions and increasing contact center productivity, as well as enabling ongoing communication with customers while providing a seamless experience in the handover from the virtual agent to the contact center representative.

Improve experience

Conversational AI improves the experience with a friendly interface allowing natural conversational flows with clients. User experience personalization considering the customer profile and context at all times. Conversational AI improves customer satisfaction allowing natural language interactions and friendly and precise responses from the virtual agent.

Transforming the Contact Center

Our cognitive contact center solution based on Conversational AI reduces costs on the operations contact centers. Conversational AI can identify customer intents thanks to its NLP capabilities and can select the customer flow to solve with interactions.

Conversational AI can retrieve information from the business support systems, trigger proactive interactions decided by AI and Data Analytics systems and delegate to other technical bots or even RPAs to automate any kind of end-to-end customer interaction.

Safe and compliant solution

Conversational AI uses encryption and data masking to protect personally identifiable information, ensuring privacy of communications and compliance with data protection laws. Our platform ensures data privacy and complies with data protection laws, using conversational AI to protect users.

Top experts

Our team of Data Scientists works with the latest technologies in artificial intelligence to develop the best NLP, NBA, and Sentiment Analysis engines and models.

We have a team of computer linguists, who control the chatbot to include new content, procedures, processes, etc. We add a natural language user interface design team that designs relevant experiences through mobile applications, IVR, VR or instant messaging services such as Skype, Slack and Telegram

Use Cases

Conversational AI accelerates operations, allows an unlimited volume of conversations with customers and eliminates calls on hold.

Conversational AI offers 24x7 customer service in 57 different languages through any channel to solve problems, clarify doubts, make queries or perfoms any transaction easily

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