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Conversational AI?

Syntphony Conversational AI is an enterprise platform for creating and managing virtual assistants, using artificial intelligence with Generative AI capable of understanding and delivering hyper-personalized responses to users.

Able to deploy across a wide variety of digital channels: WhatsApp, Instagram, call center, web, mobile, chatbots, teams and more. It significantly reduces the cost and time required to create virtual agents, so helping brands better serve their customers any time, via any channel and in any language. 

Conversational AI Feature Pack

Conversational AI keeps evolving: introducing new features pack to enhance analysis of user behavior and generative AI capabilities. Packed with a range of exciting new features, Conversational AI is now more powerful and user-friendly than ever before.

Knowledge AI

It allows importing PDFs to generate responses based on the document which streamlines the creation of virtual agents. is an additional layer within the queries that a virtual agent performs when generating a response. With Knowledge AI, it improves time to market by not requiring the configuration of flows, attempts or with this functionality, knowledge within PDF documents can be effortlessly accessed and utilized, resulting in faster and more accurate responses.

Zero shot

It leverages state-of-the-art linguistic modeling (LLM) technology to classify intentions with exceptional accuracy, just from the name and a description of the intention to classify the intention, without the need to create expressions. By using this advanced machine learning technique, we have significantly improved the accuracy and speed of intent classification, ensuring that the right knowledge is provided at the right time, every time.


Contextualized responses for improved communication. With our enhanced LLM-based runtime rephrasing feature, the virtual agent can now take into account the context of the conversation and rephrase the configured response accordingly, ensuring a more dynamic and human interaction tailored to your specific needs. Set the level of creativity of the response variation and the amount of context you wish to use, between 1 and 5 previous interactions. It is also possible to restrict words in case you want to avoid a specific word in the rephrasing.

Answer assist

Create answers from a prompt, you can also shorten an answer, lengthen it, correct its grammar and add a tone to it. This feature allows you to create the virtual agent's answers effortlessly and creatively. It will be possible to write a simple instruction as a question, add a tone of voice and the content will be generated using LLM. With a single click, you can shorten an answer, expand it, improve the wording, correct spelling and grammar, or even add a specific tone of voice.

Cockpit Notifications

We believe in keeping our users informed and engaged with our platform. With our new Cockpit Notifications feature, you will receive timely updates whenever new features are available. Additionally, we will notify you of upcoming events and opportunities such as exclusive Syntphony events. Stay connected and stay ahead with the latest enhancements in real-time. 

The power of our
Conversational AI platform

Generative AI

Conversational AI powered by Generative AI enables close to 100% user understanding and provides hyper-personalized, context-aware responses. GenAI Cell is an innovative module that integrates Generative AI services, enhancing Conversational AI's capabilities to a whole new level. It enables Conversational AI to identify intent, classify content, generate responses, and provide accurate and contextualized answers.

Dialog Manager

Dialog Manager is where you can easily build and manage bots. Dialog Manager is a visual interface where every element that makes a bot is visually represented, making building and managing a bot hassle-free. Here you can create a bot from scratch in minutes, build complex conversational flows with powerful tools and manage multiple virtual agents in a simple, clean and intuitive interface, to really focus on the content. Easier bots are better bots.

Analytical Dashboard

We are happy to announce that we will now have a dashboard with KPIs that will help you measure the performance of your Virtual Agent and continue to improve it. With a magical visualization, you will be able to analyze if you are achieving your business goals.

Voice Cloud

Conversational AI is designed to enhance the user experience through voice interactions, enabling an enriched IVR and taking communication to another level.

Voice cloud automates calls, reduces traffic to agents, keeps dialogs open and resolves queries instantly without menus, options or keyboards, and provides the ability to ask frequent questions without direct contact with an operator.

Funnel Charts

The new Tags Funnel will help you better understand the conversation journey, drop-off points, and A/B testing.

Tags Funnel enables you to track and analyze the customer journey based on tags used within the Dialog Manager. The tags can be used in cells (intents, entities, services, rules, code, input, etc.), flows, and Automated Learning (questions).

Web Chat Plugin

The webchat plugin allows you to integrate Conversational AI into your website, creating a smooth and engaging customer experience. From Conversational AI you can customize the colors, fonts and avatar of the whole webchat, once the configuration is done, we will generate a script that you must add to your website and voilá! Your webchat will be configured and ready to be used by your customers.

Whis this feature, you can integrate conversational AI into your website, app and mobile channels.

Digital Human

Digital personas can help customers in many ways:
  • Scale customer service.
  • Boost sales with conversational commerce.
  • Increase ROI with conversational marketing.
  • Experience the power of digital personalities.
  • Experience a customizable digital persona.

A/B test

Become the best requires to evolve, evolution requires experimentation.
Conversational AI makes A/B testing uncomplicated​
​Test different variations of the conversation flow easily.​
Measure your results and increase your conversion rate.


NLP is NTT DATA proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. It combines the powerful intent and entity recognization with the latest technologies in privacy protection.

NLP now supports multiple languages: Japanese, Italian, German, Catalan, Galician, Romanian, French, Dutch, Thai
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  • Banking

    This technology assists financial companies in enhancing their services and automating processes with scalability.

  • Telecom

    As telecommunications users become increasingly demanding, leverage our platform capabilities to exceed their expectations.

  • Insurance

    In the insurance sector, this technology is becoming increasingly important due to its numerous points of contact with customers.

  • Healthcare

    Our platform is an excellent artificial Intelligence solution, that provides healthcare organizations a true digital transformation and user experience.

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