Digital Workplace

The digital transformation has arrived to improve workplace. Artificial intelligence applied to conversational agents has been a valuable contribution to processes, systems and the work environment.
eva helps workers with their needs, changing the way of acting in organizations and improving productivity, creativity, collaboration and innovation in employees.
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The best Workplace solution for empowering employees experience


Assistant and
employee help

eva develops conversational agents that help employees to solve any kind of question or manage processes. eva has a knowledge base that can be extended and adapted to the needs of each of the organizations.

operational costs

Adding employee help topics and transactional use cases reduces operational support costs and allows you to allocate resources to other day-to-day tasks.

and collaboration

eva enables your employees to stay connected and informed anywhere they are, at any time. It provides content automatically and communicates it through natural language.


with eva it is possible to automate tasks such as: managing the agenda, downloading documents, creating IT tickets, providing support, answering questions, consulting or reporting cases, arranging trips, meeting team members, resolving incidents and more.

Improving the
organizational experience

eva's capabilities allow personalizing the conversation, identifying each employee by their name, role, profile, preferences and actions, as well as maintaining a fluent communication adapted to the organizational values


eva helps organizations to meet new challenges by improving the employee experience and communication through digital channels, reducing the number of calls and saving costs for the company

  • Integration with other tools

    eva is rapidly deployed with Teams, creating a plug and play experience. eva allows integration with other tools such as Remedy, Service Now, Success Factors

  • IT Support

    With eva, employee support is streamlined by providing faster responses and end-to-end support for transactional use cases

  • Redirect channels

    eva redirects to the channel where the employee can get the best service. In case of referral to an agent, the agent has all the context of the case for a faster and better service to the employee

  • Easy training

    with eva it is possible to perform a single training that works for all channels; in addition, it has a flow manager that is easy to use and quickly to implement

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