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Cognitive Contact Center

We are experiencing a revolution in contact centers thanks to the development of cognitivity. This technology uses artificial intelligence components that makes it possible to interact with millions of users in a natural way using spoken or written language.
In its Cognitive Contact Center, the platform implements a conversational AI solution for companies, which improves spoken or written communication through natural language, combining the power of artificial intelligence with human agents and opening up a world of possibilities for connection between the company and its customers, making it possible to achieve differential conversational experiences.

Thanks to its cognitive features, Conversational AI transforms the communication experience between companies and their customers


AHT Reduction

Time is very valuable for companies and users. Cognitive Contact Center reduces Average Handle Time, therefore companies cut costs and increase costumer’s satisfaction.

NPS Improvement

Thanks to the Cognitive Contact Center we achieve significant NPS improvements in a short time. In addition, we are able to solve users' problems without having to wait 24 hours a day, with a very positive impact on NPS values.

With Conversational AI it is possible to know the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty

Cost reduction

With Conversational AI it is possible to reduce costs significantly. Thanks to the capabilities of the virtual agent, users will be able to clarify doubts and solve their problems quickly and efficiently, avoiding the call transfer to a human agent. Conversational AI efficiently solves the needs of its users without ignoring the importance of experience.


Conversational AI is able to anticipate user’s needs, alerting them to any situation. With this warning, we increase users’ satisfactions and cut the peaks of calls to the Call Center.

Personalization and experience

Conversational AI could access to user data and personalize conversation based on user’s profile and needs. The virtual assistant is able to recognize people and call them by their names, achieving greater empathy and closeness. This solution allows to transfer the call to a human agent in case the customer needs it, thus, we manage to create the best experience for customers within the same channel.


Our Cognitive Contact Center is an end2end solution with all components required. It is possible to set it up in a short time. In addition, it has a proactive approach based on real-time decisioning and machine learning

  • Contact Center & IVR tools integration

    Conversational AI Cognitive Contact Center integrates with the call center solutions such as Genesys and Avaya allowing the best cooperation between human agents and virtual agents with minimum impact on the current infrastructure

  • Voice Cloud

    Conversational AI has all the components required to connect with the call center including sip connections speech to text text to speech, pbx, dtmf, call recording, outbound calls and transcript.

  • Omnichannel

    Thanks to Conversational AI, creating a user’s journey capable to combine multiple channels without friction is simple. Today the users need flexibility, and to use any possible channel written or spoken to solve their needs

  • End2end:
    agent's view + user's view + CC manager's view

    Conversational AI Cognitive Contact Center integrates with human agent tools. Conversation history generated by virtual agents is available, and it gives the context required to provide the best service to users.

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