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Why Conversational AI
for Insurance

Conversational AI is gaining importance in the insurance sector, which has many points of contact with its customers. With the expansion of ICT's, users have greater access to different digital media, remote attention is becoming more indispensable every day and the user experience is much more demanding. Customers have many demands and insurers are forced to offer different channels to provide the right information with the best language.

On the contrary, all insurance ecosystems are measure by their productivity. Conversational AI has been developed not just for creating value for the insurance customers, but also including use cases for brokers and employees.
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Benefits for Insurance

Conversational AI provides advantages to all ecosystems including customers, brokers and insurance companies. Thanks to its omnichannel, power to solve multiple needs, immediate responses, scalability, adaptability to align with brand values, its security and data protection value, and its ability to minimize customer service, automate processes and reduce costs.

24x7 Support

Our platform offers the insurance industry a means to answer queries or meet some of its customers' needs in a dedicated 24/7 service, from any location, in different languages and also with multi-channel availability.

360º vision of the customer

With Conversational AI, it is possible to have all the services centralized in the same platform. Thanks to this, the insurer will be able to visualize which channels its customers use, which are the most frequently asked questions, as well as recognize their constant needs to improve and grow the conversational agent. A 360º analytics around the customer is obtained with it.

Improved experience

Conversational AI accomplishes new customer expectations through digital channels. In addition to receiving fast and secure service, eva adapts to the communication tone, content and format of the user responses of each channel, thus providing effective communication and greater connection and loyalty with the company.

Automatic learning

The platform can tell you how well you are doing, thanks to its interactive reports that use machine learning to analyze and optimize behavior and responses of virtual assistants. You can track KPIs, better understand user journeys and get suggestions for improving conversational design. These analytics capabilities are provided through tight, out-of-the-box integration with Google Chatbase.

Use Cases

With Conversational AI, users are able to make transactional queries in an agile
and efficient manner.

With its great integration capabilities, the company's information can be used for the service of customers. In addition, multiple digital channels are available.

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