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Why Syntphony
for Banking

Financial enterprises want to improve their services through conversational AI, automate processes with a scalable system that offers security and a good experience to their users. Conversational AI is able to face these challenges and problems of the traditional channels of financial institutions with the implementation of conversational assistants to enhance the customer lifetime value and to make the operational costs of the organization more efficient.

On the other hand, front, middle and back office employees are measure by their productivity. Conversational AI has been developed not just for creating value for the banking customers but also including use cases for employees.
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Benefits for customers

Users are increasingly demanding and prefer to connect with their bank from any place and device using their favorite channel, and banks need to give their users this great possibility to manage their processes in a simple, fast and secure way.

Conversational Banking

With Syntphony it is possible to create the best user experience thanks to the Conversational Banking model, through digital channels and by automating operations.

Personalized attention with immediate solutions based on the client's data collected and AI of your employee's behavior.

Improve customer experience

Businesses can improve the customer experience by serving your customers 24x7 through any channel: call center, mobile application, website, WhatsApp, smart assistants, and social media, etc.

Also, businesses can improve the performance of your employee with contextual information, alerting and reporting generated by the virtual assistant.

Secure and compliance solution

Syntphony uses encryption and data masking to protect personally identifiable information, ensuring that communications remain private and that data protection laws are respected.

Syntphony is an approved business platform in one of the world's leading banks. It has passed all the committees and audits of cyber security, ethical hacking, architecture, risks, usability, and quality.

Omnichannel Solutions

We live in an omnichannel world, so the virtual agents created by Syntphony can maintain conversations with users across different channels, even allowing users to change channel in mid-stream.

Benefits for

Syntphony is a secure, agile and fast to deploy virtual assistant platform suited to improve the time to market for our partners, and to reduce costs with human agents. Our previus experience and proof use cases accelerate our client´s time to market solutions.

to bank
Thanks to the use of predictive models, the virtual agents created by Syntphony can anticipate or predict user needs. A virtual agent could, for example, access the history of a customer’s recent interactions –request for a credit card, a payroll query – to gain clues as to what the current query may be about.
Want to know how well you are doing? Syntphony can tell you, thanks to its interactive reports that use machine learning to automatically analyze and optimize the behavior and responses of the virtual assistants. You can track KPIs, better understand user journeys, and get suggestions for improving conversational design. These analytical capabilities are provided through a tight, out-of-the-box integration with Google Chatbase.
Save costs
with Syntphony
Syntphony can retain users from user agent, to improve sales, engage customers, help internal teams and much more. Syntphony empowers human teams solving frequent use cases integrated with core systems and optimize our partners’ operations.
with human
Syntphony works cooperatively with human agents, transferring the conversation or call to a human agent when required. Syntphony integrates with the leading contact center solutions from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others.

Use Cases

Banking solutions that evolve towards the digitization of customers and employees.

Syntphony uses a modern and aligned architecture with a powerful user interface that allows business teams to build conversation flows without code.

With Syntphony it is possible to create specific use cases according to the segment is going toserve (Retail, Corporate, Wealth). we have identified more than 1,000 use cases for retailers, businesses and employees.

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