We are now Syntphony Conversational AI

At eva we have changed the name.

Because when you get strongest and more global, some names get smaller.

The Syntphony ecosystem multiplies the value for our clientes with enormous benefits in costs and time to market, thanks to the integrated combination with other Syntphony products and our business consulting services.

What is
Conversational AI?

Syntphony Conversational AI is an enterprise platform for creating and managing virtual assistants, using artificial intelligence with Generative AI capable of understanding and delivering hyper-personalized responses to users.

Able to deploy across a wide variety of digital channels: WhatsApp, Instagram, call center, web, mobile, chatbots, teams and more. It significantly reduces the cost and time required to create virtual agents, so helping brands better serve their customers any time, via any channel and in any language. 

Conversational AI for multiple industries

  • Banking

    This technology assists financial companies in enhancing their services and automating processes with scalability.

  • Telecom

    As telecommunications users become increasingly demanding, leverage our platform capabilities to exceed their expectations.

  • Insurance

    In the insurance sector, this technology is becoming increasingly important due to its numerous points of contact with customers.

  • Healthcare

    Our platform is an excellent artificial Intelligence solution, that provides healthcare organizations a true digital transformation and user experience.

  • Consumer Products

    The technology focuses on employees, companies, and final customers to improve the user experience thorugh products.

  • Travel

    With this platform, it is possible to provide a unique experience for travelers throughout their trip, on the channel of their choice.

Conversational AI Solutions​

Conversational AI Benefits

Use Conversational AI to understand written and spoken dialog accurately and at scale, so improving the experience and reducing the cost of enterprise customer service and help desk operations.

Improve customer

Reduce Cost

A truly scalable

Increase sales

Conversational AI process more than 20 millions interactions per month
Up to 91% of retention
Up to 96% of accuracy
Created with Lunacy

The most valuable
Product Composable Platform

We build end-to-end solutions for your company with NTT DATA's Syntphony Products, accelerating time to market and making business more efficient.

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