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Why eva
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Taking a trip requires planning, coordination, and a lot of time; travelers need to have everything at their fingertips to achieve a good experience quickly and efficiently. Digital transformation is also coming to the travel industry to simplify travelers' lives. Companies need to reduce the number of customer service calls to cut costs and provide better service.

With eva, it is possible to create conversational voice and text assistants, to help different companies in the sector: agencies, airlines, hotels, trains, cruises to potentially reduce the number of calls to the call center among other important savings. We create journeys that give continuity to the traveler's experience through multiple channels, aligned to the values of each brand. eva meets the highest standards in security requirements and scales quickly in multi-country and multi-language scenarios.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the airline market.
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Benefits for travels

With eva, it is possible to provide a unique experience for travelers throughout their trip, on the channel of their choice, in different languages and in any country.

Improves the Travel Experience

eva helps travelers find everything they need to organize their trip quickly, efficiently, and securely in a personalized way. With eva, your customers can make reservations, resolve queries, check-in, purchase tickets, discover destinations and much more in natural language. eva delivers positive user experiences for every traveler.

Analytics for travel agents

For corporate agents, eva provides a complete analysis of travelers who have used the digital channel, giving your company a 360º view of their needs, destinations, tastes, or requirements, to understand them and help them along their journey.

A map for travelers

For travelers, eva streamlines useful processes to make travel more user-friendly with key information: travel time, boarding gate, reservation time, delays on trains, flights or buses, unexpected changes, hotel reservation, hotel menu and much more.

Available always

eva offers service 365 days a year, 24x7, at any time, with the device of your choice, and is also available in 57 languages so that users can receive the help they need wherever they are and without long waits. This will considerably increase your customers' satisfaction.

Reduce costs

eva helps reduce operational costs by automating customer service and reducing the number of calls in the call center. eva answers frequently asked questions easily and accurately, helping agents and the operations team to focus on more relevant issues.

Use Cases

eva uses artificial intelligence to respond naturally to travelers' requirements and can anticipate customer needs.

It has a powerful architecture and interface, which will allow business teams to build conversation flows without coding knowledge.

With eva it is possible to create thousands of use cases aligned with brand values, such as: reservations, modifications, or cancellations, offers, flight delays, ticket purchases, cruise routes, tour guides, travel agency offers, etc.

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