Elevate your Syntphony Conversational AI experience, with our exciting new features! From Multilanguage to Data Masking Protection
Francisca Guajardo | | June 11, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the latest updates to our Syntphony Conversational AI platform, crafted to enhance user experience and fortify data security.

Dive into our powerful new features including multilingual support, advanced data protection, seamless Azure Open ID integration, enhanced voice channel configurations, an upgraded user interface, and expanded communication channels. Chek each of these features here:

Multilanguage Virtual Agent

Reach a global audience easily! Our platform now supports virtual agents in over 100 languages. Whether you’re targeting local markets or global audiences, you can select a primary language and configure secondary languages effortlessly.

This feature detects language preferences from initial user interactions, ensuring consistent and engaging customer service worldwide.

PII Data Masking

Protect your users’ sensitive information with our robust data masking feature. A simple switch activation ensures names, addresses, and credit card numbers are shielded, significantly reducing data breach risks and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Seamless Login with Open ID

Streamline user authentication with direct Syntphony Conversational AI logins from your Azure organization. Our Open ID integration supports single sign-on (SSO), minimizing password fatigue and simplifying IT management.

Enhanced Voice Channel Configurations

Configure voice channels like Voice Gateway or VXML directly from our Syntphony Conversational AI channel library. Set up phone numbers, error handling, timeouts, Text-to-Speech (TTS), voice menus, DTMF menus, and voice handover settings effortlessly, ensuring a seamless transition to human agents when needed.

Improved Sidebar Menu

Navigate with ease using our newly designed sidebar menu. Access key functionalities with a single click, enjoying an intuitive layout that reduces the learning curve for new users and enhances overall user experience.

Cockpit Notifications S

tay in the loop with our new notification feature. Get real-time updates on events, system alerts, and new feature releases, ensuring you maximize the potential of our platform.

Channel Library Enhancements

Manage all your communication channels efficiently with our revamped Syntphony Conversational AI channel library. Now including new channels like Instagram, this feature allows you to execute multi-channel engagement strategies from a single, streamlined interface.

Knowledge AI Improvements

Experience smarter interactions with our enhanced Knowledge AI. With improved context management capabilities, our virtual agent now delivers more accurate and assertive responses, understanding the relationship between consecutive user inputs for more meaningful and effective conversations.

Stay ahead with our latest features designed to power up your Syntphony Conversational AI. Enhance your user engagement, secure your data, and streamline your operations today!

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