NTT DATA Receives Recognition from HFS Research for Innovative Approach to Customer Experience
Jenny Machado | | March 14, 2024

NTT DATA, a global leader in information technology services, has been recognized by HFS for our work with L’Oréal in the creation of their virtual assistant.

HFS Research, a leading research and consulting firm, has recognized NTT DATA in its “Highlight Report” for innovative efforts to improve the customer experience.

This distinction builds on our ongoing commitment to reinventing the customer experience through artificial intelligence and conversational solutions.

“Lore”, the featured case

The case study that has caught the attention of HFS Research is our collaboration with L’Oréal, which highlights “eva”, our AI Conversational platform that has effectively combined with Gen AI to transform L’Oréal’s customer experience.

This collaboration has enabled L’Oréal to reimagine the way it interacts with its customers, providing more efficient and hyper-personalized solutions through its virtual assistant “Lore”.

HFS notes that through eva, NTT DATA has demonstrated its ability to optimize the interaction between the brand and its customers, taking the customer experience to a new level.

HFS points out that the partnership between NTT DATA and L’Oréal is a telling example of how artificial intelligence and conversational solutions are redefining the customer experience in the digital age.

In the case of L’Oréal, eva and Gen AI have enabled greater personalization in customer interactions, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction and retention. These results have caught HFS Research’s attention, highlighting NTT DATA’s ability to adapt to changing market demands and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

NTT DATA as a Customer Experience Innovator

HFS has also praised NTT DATA’s commitment to constant innovation in the field of customer experience. HFS highlights our ability to combine advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses. This has contributed to NTT DATA’s position as a leader in the field of customer experience.

The recognition from HFS Research is a testament to our dedication to improving the customer experience through technological innovation and collaboration with leading companies in the business.

As companies constantly look for ways to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace, the ability to transform the customer experience becomes a crucial factor for long-term success.

In addition, the recognition awarded by HFS Research to NTT DATA reflects how NTT DATA is at the forefront of implementing artificial intelligence and conversational solutions to re-imagine the customer experience. This highlights our position as an industry leader and a benchmark in transforming customer experience in the digital age.

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