Agent Template: an easy way to create your virtual assistant 
Jenny Machado | | January 19, 2022

Agent Template is a collection of flows provided by eva that can be used to establish a basis for building virtual assistants.

This is a predefined Finance template with 10 Banking-ready use cases, which can be customized to your liking. 

You will find different flows available, related but not limited to cash transfers, balance check, fraud or suspicious activity report, emergency service request, among others. 

 They were designed based on the best practices of the market, with the objective of optimizing both your team and the process of building a virtual agent. We work together with people from NTT DATA’s banking sector and Digital Experience involved in bank projects, conducting interviews, and testing the flows. 

The consumer will only have to customize the information and webhooks according to their business case.   

 We have created three versions: Spanish, Portuguese and English, and a manual to help your team.   


Agent Template is a collection of flows provided by eva that can be used to establish a base for building conversations. It’s also a great guide to better understand how eva works in practice and inspire you to create flows in eva with the best practices of the market.

The solution is focused on the finance and banking area, but there are many other flows that can be leveraged as a reference, customized or even used for any trade or sector (such as login and chit-chats).

In Agent Template Finance, you’ll find 38 flows that can be used at the most popular use cases

Main advantages of the agent template

  • Agent Template was prepared with the best practices in UX
  • With 38 ready-made flows, your team saves time
  • To elaborate the design process, we listened to 38 banking and eva experts from NTT DATA
  • Your project can be launched faster, with error prevention and in a very efficient way

Agent Templates can speed up many tasks and allow teams to act more strategically. New agent templates for different industries and use cases will be added soon

You can download the agent template on Github

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