Discover the benefits of creating a good conversational experience with Generative AI
Francisca Guajardo | | December 14, 2023

In today’s digital age, creating effective user experiences has become crucial to the success of any product or service. Learn about the benefits of creating conversations with Generative AI for the best experience.

In this context, a conversational platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as an innovative tool to raise the quality of the interaction between users and technology, generating a coherent and relevant experience, being also “the type of artificial intelligence available today… that has the greatest future projection in the business environment” according to Enreach

An immersive user experience goes beyond simple functionality.

It is about creating an emotional bond between both parties, resulting in a more meaningful and satisfying interaction.

Some benefits of creating conversational experiences with GenAI are:

Improving user retention and experience at the same time

 By implementing GenAI in conversational platforms, you can deliver interactive experiences that keep users engaged. The ability to maintain consistent and relevant dialogues makes the interaction more engaging and less prone to abandonment.   

Increase brand trust with Conversational AI

AI’s ability to understand and respond to user emotions contributes to more empathetic and emotionally intelligent interactions. This is especially valuable in applications such as customer care and support services.

Virtual assistants have evolved thanks to AI, they can understand the context of conversations, learn from past interactions and provide more useful and tailored responses. This not only improves efficiency in problem solving but also creates a more human and natural user experience, improving the perception of the brand providing it.   

Happier and more satisfied users

Conversational AI platforms by taking the learning acquired from the past, manage to adjust its responses and recommendations as it acquires more knowledge about the user. This continuous learning contributes to a more adaptive and personalized experience over time, which generates greater user satisfaction, better usability and time savings.   

Defined brand identity

Conversational AI platforms, empowered with GenAI, such as eva, enable the creation of consistent and seamless user experiences across different channels, such as mobile apps, websites and messaging platforms. This ensures consistency in interaction, regardless of the touchpoint.   

Finally, conversational platforms by using generative AI, can transform digital interactions by delivering more personalized, natural and adaptive user experiences, leading to higher user engagement and satisfaction, contributing cross-functionally in different industries such as Banking, Telecom, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, and more.   

By providing more human and personalized interactions, this technology not only improves usability but also sets a new standard for the relationship between humans and machines. The key to success is to find the right balance between technological innovation and ethical consideration, with the ultimate goal of providing more immersive and rewarding user experiences, which we work on every day at NTT DATA, through our conversational AI platform “eva”.    

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