eva elevates the customer experience by using Generative AI for smarter, faster and more efficient virtual agents.
Jenny Machado | | December 27, 2023

Every day the challenge of going beyond technology motivates the eva team to move forward, in order to realize new ideas and new capabilities that ensure a better use and greater benefit for customers. That’s why eva is bringing extraordinary enhancements to elevate the customer experience with Generative AI

We present the new Eva feature pack, which will enhance the experience by creating more efficient and faster Generative AI virtual agents.

Knowledge AI: Streamline Virtual Agent Building with documents

To improve the platform, eva comes with a knowledge evolution, where you can generate responses based on document content as a PDF.

With Knowledge AI, improve your time by not requiring the configuration of flows, intents, or entities, reducing the time needed for the training of virtual agents.

When entering a user interaction, it first searches for intents, if it is not found, it searches in the questions previously configured in the knowledge AI and, if no match is found, the answer is searched directly in the documents uploaded to Knowledge AI.

With this functionality, you can effortlessly access and use the Knowledge within PDF documents, resulting in quicker and more accurate responses.

Zero-Shot: Enhanced Intent Classification with LLM

Our upgraded Zero-Shot capability leverages state-of-the-art Language Model (LLM) technology to classify intents with exceptional precision, just from the name and an intent description to classify the intent, without the need to create utterances.

By utilizing this advanced machine learning technique, we have significantly improved the accuracy and speed of intent classification, ensuring that the right knowledge is delivered at the right time, every time. 

Rephrasing: Improve Communication with Contextualized Answers

Communication is key, and our enhanced LLM-powered Rephrasing feature understands that. Now, virtual agents dynamically rephrase responses based on conversation context, ensuring a more human-like interaction tailored to your needs. Control creativity levels, context utilization, and even restrict specific words to achieve the perfect response.

Answer Assist: Tailoring Answers to Perfection

Answer Assist provides the flexibility to craft the best answer. This feature empowers you to create the virtual agent answers effortlessly and with creativity. Write a simple instruction as a prompt, add a voice tone and the content will be generated using LLM.

Furthermore, to assist in crafting your answers, we have introduced new features: with a single click you can shorten an answer, expand it, improve the writing, fix spelling and grammar, or even add a specific tone.

Cockpit Notifications: Stay Ahead with Real-Time Updates

Stay informed and engaged with our new Cockpit Notifications feature. Receive timely updates on new features, upcoming events, and exclusive eva opportunities. Stay connected, stay ahead, and stay in the know with real-time enhancements.

These features are meticulously designed to streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and deliver an unparalleled user experience. We’re committed to continually improving our platform to meet your evolving needs.

For more information on these groundbreaking features and how they can transform your organization, explore our documentation

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