Best practices in Conversational AI training
Natalia Lombardi | | January 26, 2023

It is strange that nowadays a company does not have a tool as important as chatbots to connect with its customers and offer them fast and efficient customer service. A guide for Guide to standardize the registration in NLPs will help you.

However, making users happy with the virtual assistant is the most complex part. A bad practice could cause the end of a relationship between the person and the company’s brand.

Behind the machine, there are several profiles that give life to chatbots, _which are not built overnight, much less alone_. One of the people who design the conversational flows are the UX Writers, responsible for creating the conversational design and the interaction between customers and brands.

UX Writers need basic knowledge to create good conversational flows. At the beginning, it is normal that they get a little lost among so many technical terms, but well focused, it is simpler than you might think.

At NTT DATA we want to help every conversational experience designer to make their job simpler, while at the same time helping companies to make their customers happy with their virtual assistants.

Beyond the conversational text best practices that many UX writers and linguists have already mastered, understanding some more technical concepts and how NLPs work is a fundamental process to build a good experience.

That’s why we invite you to read our practical guide to normalizing records in NLP.

Download here this interesting paper and learn the most elementary thermals to create a good conversation with artificial intelligence.

Know the basic but most important concepts to consider when creating a chatbot: intention, statement, and entity.

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