eva’s Evolution: From Conversational AI to Digital Employees
Santiago Santa María July 6, 2023
Artificial Intelligence continues to shape our world, with generative language models, known with GenAI taking the top spot and transforming the field of conversational AI. At the heart of this evolution, eva emerges as the game-changer, transforming companies from conversational interfaces to platforms brimming with intelligent digital employees.

However, can this evolution be attributed to Generative AI alone? The answer is a resounding NO

While Generative AI enhances the quality of Conversational AI, to truly harness its potential, a solid platform is required. A platform that not only creates virtual assistants but also integrates them across multiple channels and systems, crafting intelligent agents capable of performing complex tasks and interacting contextually with users. eva is that platform. This is where NTT DATA's eva platform comes in, which has been quickly adapted to effectively manage and orchestrate the automation process in enterprise communications. eva is a powerful solution that leverages the benefits of Gen AI and improves enterprise communications. It allows to resolve access to different channels and perform the necessary integrations to achieve key transactions, such as bank transfers, user authentication, airline ticket check-in and much more. In addition, eva accelerates the implementation of Gen AI in Contact Centers, facilitating monitoring, governance, control and providing detailed analytics.
eva is ready to lead the game together with Gen AI
Now let's explore some exciting enhancements to eva that are set to redefine your enterprise's AI journey:

GenAI Cell: The Brain of Your Digital Employees

Introducing the GenAI Cell - an innovative module that integrates Generative AI services, enhancing eva's capabilities to a whole new level. It enables eva to identify intents, classify content, generate responses, and provide accurate, context-aware answers. Furthermore, the GenAI Cell simplifies prompt chaining, linking responses from previous interactions to deliver more accurate and empathetic answers, thereby creating intelligent digital employees who are as effective and empathetic as their human counterparts. eva not only enables prompt chaining, but also surpasses open-source alternatives like Langchain in performance. Its robust security features, coupled with its enterprise-ready solutions, make it a superior choice for organizations. [video width="1288" height="782" mp4="https://eva.bot/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/5_-machine_learning__Original__AdobeExpress.mp4" preload="auto" autoplay="true"][/video]

Orchestrating the LLM, prompt chaining: Simplifying Complex Interactions

Our newly introduced functionality enhances eva's ability to orchestrate calls to generative AI tools, like Azure OpenAI services, facilitating the handling of more advanced and complex tasks with unprecedented simplicity and elegance. In eva, we utilize a variety of Generative AI models provided by Azure OpenAI (and other vendors) to cater to diverse needs such as content generation, classification, and data processing. If you wish to link your Generative AI account directly, reach out to us for a seamless integration

API REST Integration: Smooth Integration with Your Existing Systems

With this feature, eva seamlessly connects with your existing systems without the need for additional development. It also allows integration with Generative AI services, saving time and effort, and enabling you to streamline your operations with ease. [video width="1912" height="912" mp4="https://eva.bot/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/RestConnector.mp4" autoplay="true" preload="auto"][/video]  

Looking Ahead: The Future of eva

With continuous innovation at its core, eva is poised to introduce new features designed to elevate your enterprise's AI capabilities:
  • Examples Recommender
  • Answer Assist
  • Tag Funnel
Discover how eva's evolution from Conversational AI to Intelligent Digital Employees is reshaping the landscape of Enterprise AI and stay tuned for exciting developments on the horizon. Together, let us embrace evolution.

How does Gen AI help win the game?

Gen AI's Generative Language Models allow you to create much richer, advanced, friendly, and effective conversations. Best of all, the eva platform is already integrated and ready to orchestrate calls to Gen AI's Generative Language Models and other systems. Gen AI enhances the capabilities of the eva platform in several dimensions. It is now possible to automate many of the actions that were previously performed manually, such as utterance generation, which simplifies the work of linguists. For eva, Gen AI represents excellent news, as it expands and enhances its capabilities. Likewise, for Gen AI, the existence of eva is a great advantage, as it accelerates and simplifies the implementation of this technology in companies, ensuring good governance, solid maintenance, controlled evolution, and efficient management.

What’s coming next?

eva is evolving more and more with new Generative AI and Analytics features. Soon you will be able to enjoy the features we are working on today:
  • Examples Recommender:  which makes it easy to create examples in intents from the name and description of the intent.
  • Answer Assist: A wonderful help for the creation and configuration of virtual agent answers. The answer assist will have built-in Rephrasing to generate more empathetic responses with more context for the user.
  • Tag funnel: With the tag funnel it is possible to see the path that the user is following in the different configured flows, in order to validate different business rules, such as which are the most demanded products, detect if the user is following the correct path of the flow, etc.
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