Ever evolving transformation: putting into perspective eva’s new tools with GenAi
Jenny Machado | | November 2, 2023

Due to the constant evolution that the world of artificial intelligence (AI) is experiencing and because of NTT DATA’s commitment to being at the forefront of it, the latest version of eva includes new tools that adapt to the needs of companies with GenAI

We introduced the GenAI Cell, an innovative module that integrates Generative AI services, enhancing eva’s capabilities to identify intents, classify content, generate responses, and provide accurate, context-aware answers.

User behavior analysis tools have also been introduced, such as a webchat plugin, funnel charts, and filters by tag, which will help to have a detailed analysis of user behavior across all flows. 

During the release, we interviewed Angela Rodríguez, the Product Manager of eva, to discuss the significance of the new features in eva: 

Why is it relevant for eva to adapt to the GenAI trends?

With the disruption of Generative AI, it is impossible for a product that works with AI not to use these technologies, because it is at a very big disadvantage compared to its competitors.

At eva we have been working with Generative AI for 2 years, when we launched “Automated Learning”, a functionality that allowed us to generate answers from Large Language Models.

This continuous adoption of LLM that we have applied within eva has allowed us to evolve our product with capabilities that allow us to put virtual agents into production in a shorter time, improve the assertiveness of the responses that are delivered to users, allow for a better analysis of the performance of virtual agents, among other benefits. 

Considering the current state of the market, what is the contribution of incorporating user behavior analysis tools in eva?

The tag funnel is a powerful tool that allows to make better business decisions and helps to detect improvement points in the virtual agent performance. With this functionality we want projects to understand the behavior that users are following in the virtual agent flows. 

What is the criterion for making decisions about which features to include or exclude in each eva release?

Our roadmap is primarily driven by the needs and pain points we discover from our end users and customers, which are converted into outcomes. However, other factors such as market and competitor analysis also play a role. 

what do you think are eva’s next challenges as a product, empowered with GenAI?

As a product, our main challenge is to create better conversational experiences through automation, this includes the use of technologies such as Generative AI, robust analytics and monitoring to make continuous improvements within those conversational experiences, and the continuous development of low-code functionality to ensure a user-friendly platform. 

As pointed out by our Product Manager, not incorporating AI technologies into a platform like eva would mean a disadvantage against the existing products in the market.

In this regard, as NTT DATA we have taken an approach of integrating and embracing these new technologies to help the development of virtual assistants.

By taking this approach, we are not only creating more accurate virtual assistants, but also by considering the user’s behavior and incorporating the necessary tools to measure it, there can be a better comprehension of the behavior that users are following inside the virtual agents, as stated by Angela. 

The latest release of eva reflects our unwavering commitment to the cutting edge of AI, evidenced by the addition of innovative tools designed to adapt to growing business demands in the field of AI.

The introduction of the GenAI Cell module, powered by Generative AI, significantly expands eva’s capabilities, enabling it to generate better responses and provide more accurate, contextually aware solutions. 

At NTT DATA we are not only demonstrating effective adaptation to new trends, but also a proactive approach by integrating AI technologies to drive the development of more accurate virtual assistants. 

We invite you to see how NTT DATA is embracing and adapting to these technologies with our potent conversational AI platform “eva”. 

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