How to create a chatbot on Facebook messenger?
Ivan Labra Muñoz December 19, 2022
Facebook has undoubtedly been one of the most important social networks during the last 10 years, with almost 3 billion active users up until this day. With this quantity of users, Facebook makes for an incredible platform to not only promote your business but also, to make a difference and help people by taking advantage of its capabilities. Among the many features that Facebook possesses, one of the most important has to do with Facebook Messenger, the app that allows users to chat with each other and really connect through chatting and video calling. This powerful tool not only works in Facebook itself, but also in Instagram -app owned by Facebook- which is also among one of the most popular apps in the world, with its almost 1.2 billion active users.
Combine these two apps and you have an amazing platform to make your business notice.

Facebook connects businesses with their customers

But these users are not only trying to connect between themselves, they also want to reach the companies and brands that they use every day, hence the need for creating chatbots that can help these users in a range of requests, so they don’t have to move from their houses, something that we have become accustomed to. Nowadays there is a demand for fulfilling requests from home, especially in those business areas where the use cases allow this type of interaction.

How to create chatbots in facebook messenger?

For this instance, we consulted Enzo Norambuena, Sales & Marketing Leader at NTT DATA, a company that has been recognized by Everest Group as Major Contenders, on how to create a chatbot on Facebook Messenger and the importance of it for companies. Regarding the importance of having it as an available channel, Enzo tells us:
Expanding the communication channels makes a company to be always connected with the customer. Facebook Messenger is a good strategy for this, as it allows you to have communication with people of any age range any day of the week, 24/7
When it comes to creating a chatbot, using eva it’s the fastest way.

Step by step

  • It is always recommended to start based on use cases, once we define those, we can create the flow that will represent each use case.
  • Once we have defined this, we can take the flow to eva - our enterprise conversational AI platform - there we can visually create the flows, with its corresponding cells (answer cells, intention cells, etc).
  • For our flows to work with Facebook, we must select a “Channel”, in this case it will be the Facebook Messenger channel, connector which was developed by our team and helps to link the flow created in our platform with the Facebook Messenger or Instagram apps.
  • Once we have linked eva with these apps, we have a functioning chat bot with its own case uses and that works for both Facebook and Instagram, since both apps are part of the same conglomerate, Meta.
As you can see, having an available chat bot in Facebook Messenger/Instagram, your company can reach billions of users and help them get through some of the simplest use cases, which will benefit both parties and will improve the user experience and the value of your company. Also, creating a chat bot while using eva and its connectors it’s simple and effective, try our products and check by yourself how easy it is!
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Why do enterprises need a virtual assistant?
Ivan Labra Muñoz October 26, 2022
Virtual assistant have been taking on a relevant role and have positioned themselves as one of the main services offered by companies to users. The onset of the pandemic came to accelerate certain digitalization processes that companies had been developing for some time with respect to their sales and customer service processes, virtual assistants, chatbots have gained relevance.

But what is a virtual assistant?

Some of the meanings we can find online refer to a person who offers administrative support services through some digital means, but in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this is not the definition we are looking for. For AI, a virtual assistant is a type of support software, oriented to provide help to users to perform certain tasks, automating them. In addition, this type of assistant requires an interface to interact with users, the most common ones being in text and/or voice format. These assistants are 100% customizable, being able to edit multiple of their characteristics, including their personality, voice type, gender, the type of message they deliver, etc. all of this to make it possible for each chatbot to adapt to the needs and particularities of each company.

The important question is: Why do companies need virtual assistant?

Virtual agents have positioned themselves as a valuable resource for companies, which, being a versatile product, can deliver different services to customers in processes that can be automated, and that can be solved on the spot. It is for this reason and more, that the benefits that AVs bring to companies are varied, the main ones being time and money savings.

With the time savings

It is possible to delegate processes and tasks that are usually entrusted to a human agent, mainly from the customer service area; with an active virtual agent, other processes that may require more time/availability can be assigned to the human team, leaving the AV to take care of them through its various services and connections, either to databases or APIs, which reduces the waiting time for the user in general.

Saves money:

Using this type of technology opens the door to solve the most common doubts that customers may have, without requiring the intervention of a physical agent, which leads us to the other benefit mentioned, saving money; this mainly because by not needing several human agents for the processes, a substantial saving of the budget dedicated to pay for several human agents is generated; just paying for a virtual assistant.


In addition, another advantage of virtual assistants is multichannel, companies can implement them in different virtual channels for the benefit of their customers: in applications, on websites, and even in "digital terminals" located at certain points of sale, for example; companies can choose the channel that best suits their needs.

Improving the experience

This also leads to improve the perception that users may have of companies that have this type of technology, since it generates a positive appreciation of the value proposition that they offer, giving a current image and that they are up to date with the latest technologies that seek to improve and expand the user experience. There are several benefits that an AV can generate to a company. Large, medium and small brands are opting for this tool. It is important that the virtual assistant you implement in your company is really great so that you can visualize the benefits. Do you know how to create a good virtual agent? We tell you here
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