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Smart speakers are the new revolutionary smart devices. The voice commands have been growing strongly ever since they reached the markets back in 2016, and have become more and more present in everyones home.

Today using them to listen to music, give command to control different devices in your home and even to turn on and off the lights is a common practice, and so it is to use them to make calls or even control apps using just your voice.

The presence of Google Home in people’s lives nowadays has never been this big, and the representation of brands in this devices is imminent. Having a virtual assistant in Google Home to get your company closer to your users is really important, especially when forging loyalty.

Taking the step to become part of the smart speakers world, will take you closer than ever to your target audience, allowing your brand to become part of their daily life when all they have to do in order to get in touch with you, is to speak out loud.

Banks are the most predominant companies that are exploring this universe, allowing users to make money transfers, consult balance or even make payments by only using voice commands. This presence respond to the model that banks have been portraying in the past years, trying to get their services more like a part of people’s routines, and less of a tedious procedure.

Simplifying your users life is today’s moto in the digital world, and every company is gravitating towards that goal. Implanting your Virtual Agent in a Google Home will bring together a wide universe of solutions that your users will enjoy. Having all your essentials in one place helps you to easily work through them, making your users daily routines more easy and enjoyable.

Bringing your brand into your client’s home is a step towards the digital globalization. Spoken Conversational AI is where we heading to, and integrating your Virtual Assistant with Google Home will without a doubt give you that extra edge in therms of automatization.


Take your business to the next level

Taking the digital jump into Google Home will give your company a better view from your customers, showing your business as stable for investing in new technology and also more serious.
Becoming a trend setter will always have benefits for your company, and since Virtual Assistants in Google Home are still a new thing, you have the chance to be the one setting the trend.

Be where your users are

In today’s world, it is importante to have your presence where your customers are. The fast moving digital world don’t wait for anyone, and your users won’t be looking for you, you need to be right where they need you.
Having a virtual assistant in Google Home allows you to really be present in everyone’s home, and takes you closer to your audience.

In person attention without human assistance

One of the benefits of Google Home is that it can be anywhere, and it only takes a voice to activate it. With this technology, placing one of the devices in your store will give you the chance to have a store without a human assistant, and still be able to answer in person questions from all your clients.

Permanent information access

Connecting your Virtual Agent to the Google Home ecosystem, you will grant access to all the information your clients and employees need on their everyday routines.
By simply asking your VA out loud, they will get within seconds the information they looking for, not needing any human assistant to help them with their request.
The Google Home channel can be applied in any sort of industry and scenario, however we leave you here a few examples so you can get a full picture in how it works.

Become Phygital

Google Home gives you the opportunity to take your business also into a hybrid between the physical and digital world. How? By using the devices in different stores, front desk or any customer care facility. Allowing your users to interact with your Virtual Agent through the smart speaker of Google Home, will let them experience the physical world like never before

Increase your brand’s social interaction

Interacting with your users is an important step into generating that engagement you need. The more you post, the more seen you are, and different interaction strategies such as contests or questions to generate comments will increase that social interaction between your user’s base and your brand. All this strategies can be automatized with a Virtual Agent, so you don’t miss anything.

Uses cases

Conversational AI can be used in absolutely any industry, and for things you wouldn’t even imagine! Here
are some use cases, but the opportunities with Conversational AI are endless!


While having lunch at home, a user remembers they need to transfer money for a service they already received, as their hands are busy, they speak out loud, and asked Google Home to make a transfer. Google will ask from which account, and to which account to what the user can answer also with voice command. As the receiver account is already saved, the transaction gets done in no time.


Using a virtual assistant in Google Home allows you to create patterns and alarms. An user that needs to take a certain pill every day has this patterns set up, so google will remind at a certain hour that it’s time to take the medicine.


A high school student on a pre-paid plan is leaving his house to school, but isn’t sure if his phone has been topped up yet, so they ask Google Home “what’s my phone balance?”, and as the Google Home device has the information needed, it will quickly give the answer, saving the user the need to take out their phone and look it up.


An user who travels a lot is a bout to leave to the airport, but suddenly isn’t sure if his travel insurance has been renewed. As the Insurance Company’s Virtual Assistant is connected to their Google Home, they simply ask “ok google, when my travel insurance expire?”, to which the VA will respond whether it has been renewed or not.

Consumer Product

A person walked in to a store in which there isn’t a sales person, however they have a Google Home device for any inquires. They ask for assistance as they’re not sure which size they need to take, so they ask Google for advise. Once the smart speaker is finish with the recommendation, the client is free to make a decision about whether take it or not.


In a hurry, an user is quickly ordering a car to get to the airport, but when need to state which terminal they need to be dropped off, they don’t remember. Instead of closing the taxi app, they speak out loud “ok google, which terminal my flight departs from?” And because the airline virtual assistant has already been integrated with google home, the speaker gives the user the answer they need.


Today Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users globally. Everyday more users browse this channel to find information about products and services, as well as to make purchases, so it has become an essential showcase for brands.

Boost your conversational experience giving your costumer the attention they need 24/7, answer any question about your product or service and show them what’s new in your business.


Elevate the conversational experience with WhatsApp Business. Conversational AI uses WhatsApp Business to makes interacting with customers easier by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Several customers use WhatsApp-Conversational AI already with millions of interactions. There are hundreds of transactional use cases such as bill download, balance recharge, real-time flight information, and more.

Cognitive Contact Center

Call Center represents one of the channels with the highest number of interactions with customers and is estimated to be the preferred channel for customer service in the coming years. Operation E in Call Center is one of the biggest expenses, even with a decreasing trend driven by operational improvements.

Adding a Virtual Agent to the Call Center, you can transform it into a Cognitive Contact Center and make your channel more efficient, reliable and resilient.

Facebook Messenger

According to Facebook, “more than 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month by Messenger.” With Conversational AI you can automatize most of the customer’s queries from Messenger, saving your team time to answer repeatedly the same questions and offering a better experience for your customer.


Users constantly have doubts about a service or purchase process or need support from the website. Having a webchat with Conversational AI as a customer support tool will solve their doubts instantly, without having to resort to another channel, and will positively influence the shopping experience, customer loyalty and business sales.

In fact, Forrester says that site visitors who use webchat are 2.8 times more likely to finish their purchase than those who don’t.

Google Home

This revolutionary channel is a native place for virtual assistants. You are probably wondering how to use these small devices for your business; here we explain some of the benefits.

Microsoft Teams

Having Conversational AI in Microsoft Teams is a powerful workspace tool for your employees. In a centralized place, they will be able to ask a virtual assistant about valuable information about the company, inquire about its benefits and obtain support from the technical area and much more.

App Chat

Having Conversational AI as a virtual assistant within the app will allow users to have quick assistance in case they need it, without jumping to any other channel. You can also identify your customers to proactively deliver personalized sales and, in this way, increase loyalty in the use of the app and the business.

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