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Online shopping have increase significantly in the past two years. The Covid-19 global pandemic that forced us all to stay home, made us to count only with the online option for absolute any purchase we need. From clothing, to even grocery shopping.

When navigating the web for a particular purchase, we might need assistance. Sometimes we aren’t sure about an item’s material, or we need to edit what we buying, customize it or even manipulate it when it comes to a present we sending to a beloved one. In order to address all of this, you would need staff to cover 24/7 the store social media and all stores, although there is another solution.. using an Conversational AI powered Virtual Assistant. With an AV, you can answer your users every questions they might have about the products or services you are providing at any given hour.

The constant doubts an user might have are a big decisive factor for them to make or not a purchase. If the clients gets the chance to get their doubts answered, it is very likely they will finish the purchase process, where if they don’t get their doubt answer immediately, they probably gonna change to another website.

Forrester states that site visitors that use a web chat, are 2.8 times more likely to finish their purchase, and this doesn’t come as a surprise. If you are not sure about an item you only seeing in pictures, would you buy it?

Offering a 24/7 assistance for all your clients is a step companies need to be taking today. A VA is becoming a must-have that users expect from brands. Today everyone have different needs, and we all want something in a very particular way, which is why is important to have an open channel with your customers to address this needs, and deliver a shopping experience tailored for them.

A Web Chat is highly beneficial for your business not only because you get to help your clients with their inquires, but because you get to do it on the spot. Asking the users to redirection their consults to a different channel (WhatsApp, e-mail, etc) will only blur the shopping experience, and most of them will simply go on to another website before using the channel you’re providing. Having a conversational Virtual Agent that is ready to solve your user’s inquires, will improve the overall experience, increase your customer loyalty and business sales.


Personalized experience

One of the biggest hold ups from using a VA is because they can be too robotic and users don’t feel like they are being actually helped. Using conversational AI in the creation of our Virtual Assistants helps to engage the user on a much bigger scale by giving them a personalized experience. Little things like knowing your user’s name, or remembering what they said before goes a long way, especially when we are trying to generate loyalty with our customers.

Global access

Creating a VA with Conversational AI will help your brand go global, by being able to be reachable from anywhere in the world in any time zone. Your customers can go in your website and won’t need to even think where your company is, because they will always get to chat with your VA about their doubts or issues they might need assistance for.

Increase in customer satisfaction

As a customer, we are used to now shop online, but the questions are still there. Using a Virtual Agent in your website will allow your customers to speak with it at any time from anywhere, getting their inquires answered within minutes. This reflects as an enjoyable experience and a bigger customer satisfaction.

24/7 customer support

Online shopping can be scary sometimes, because we are never sure of who is on the other side of the computer. Is this shop still existing? Will I get what I bought? All this questions get automatically answered with a VA. Having a VA there for your customers not only will encourage them to finish their purchase, but will give them the safety they need in case something goes wrong with the delivery or the product itself. Ensuring your users that they can get in touch with you any time they need, it will make them feel more safe about shopping with you.

Higher conversion rates

Being able to answer your customers questions right away, will let them be more sure about what they are buying, pushing them to finish their purchase right away, increasing your conversions rates.

Multilingual attention

One of the many benefits of Conversational AI, is that its NLP (Natural Language Processing) works with 53 different languages from all around the world. This gives your AV the opportunity to answer inquires and questions in different languages to satisfy the needs of your clients from all around the world in their own language.

Uses cases

Conversational AI can be used in absolutely any industry, and for things you wouldn’t even imagine! Here
are some use cases, but the opportunities with Conversational AI are endless!


An user from a bank company is checking their balance online, they see something weird in their statement so they need clarify about some of the charges on their credit card. They chat with the VA to ask more information about the charges. The VA will identify the use case, and will help the user accordingly.


A new user from a healthcare facility needs to schedule a doctor’s appointment, so they go on the website and immediately click on the Virtual Assistant bubble to ask about time slot availabilities. The VA will take this input and schedule the more convenient appointment for the user.


An user from a telecom industry needs to upgrade their plan, so they go on the website and chat with the Virtual Assistant to ask about the posibilitase of upgrading their plan. The VA will check the current plan of the user and suggest upgrade options for the client to chose.


Unsure about the insurance a user has, they go on the website to read the details of their plan. After reading they come up with some questions regarding their own products, so they click on the Virtual Assistant bubble, and they indemnify themselves under the security measures the VA has, after they ask about their doubts and the VA is able to answer them accordingly.

Consumer Product

An user navigating a retail online shop isn’t sure about an items measurements, in the details is not specified how big it is so the user needs assistance to clear this doubt and continue with the purchase. They click on the VA bubble and ask the assistant the question, indetifying the item so the VA can help. After identifying the item, the VA will provide the information needed by the client.


A customer is surfing an airline website in order to choose the best flight itinerary. They see a very good price in one of the flight but they aren’t sure about a layover, so they click on the Virtual Assistant bubble and ask the VA about that specific route, to which the assistant will respond accordingly.


Today Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users globally. Everyday more users browse this channel to find information about products and services, as well as to make purchases, so it has become an essential showcase for brands.

Boost your conversational experience giving your costumer the attention they need 24/7, answer any question about your product or service and show them what’s new in your business.


Elevate the conversational experience with WhatsApp Business. Conversational AI uses WhatsApp Business to makes interacting with customers easier by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Several customers use WhatsApp-Conversational AI already with millions of interactions. There are hundreds of transactional use cases such as bill download, balance recharge, real-time flight information, and more.

Cognitive Contact Center

Call Center represents one of the channels with the highest number of interactions with customers and is estimated to be the preferred channel for customer service in the coming years. Operation E in Call Center is one of the biggest expenses, even with a decreasing trend driven by operational improvements.

Adding a Virtual Agent to the Call Center, you can transform it into a Cognitive Contact Center and make your channel more efficient, reliable and resilient.

Facebook Messenger

According to Facebook, “more than 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month by Messenger.” With Conversational AI you can automatize most of the customer’s queries from Messenger, saving your team time to answer repeatedly the same questions and offering a better experience for your customer.


Users constantly have doubts about a service or purchase process or need support from the website. Having a webchat with Conversational AI as a customer support tool will solve their doubts instantly, without having to resort to another channel, and will positively influence the shopping experience, customer loyalty and business sales.

In fact, Forrester says that site visitors who use webchat are 2.8 times more likely to finish their purchase than those who don’t.

Google Home

This revolutionary channel is a native place for virtual assistants. You are probably wondering how to use these small devices for your business; here we explain some of the benefits.

Microsoft Teams

Having Conversational AI in Microsoft Teams is a powerful workspace tool for your employees. In a centralized place, they will be able to ask a virtual assistant about valuable information about the company, inquire about its benefits and obtain support from the technical area and much more.

App Chat

Having Conversational AI as a virtual assistant within the app will allow users to have quick assistance in case they need it, without jumping to any other channel. You can also identify your customers to proactively deliver personalized sales and, in this way, increase loyalty in the use of the app and the business.

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