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Today’s fast growing world has made mandatory for companies to speak their customers language in all possible channels. We use our phones much more than anything in our daily routines, which is why is so important for any enterprise to be there, in their costumer’s phone.

Today, WhatsApp Business handles over 500 million daily active users in 180 countries around the world. Using Conversational AI in WhatsApp allows you to be closer than ever to all your customers, shrinking to the fullest the breach between your customer service and your clients needs, and giving them a 24/7 non stop attention online.

Automatization in WhatsApp and the use of conversational AI takes your company to the next level, reducing the costs of costumer service as well as the time your clients wait for an answer to their inquires.

However, is not enough just automatizing your conversations, you need a reliable NLP to take your interactions from robotic messages, to a fluid natural conversation, and that’s is precisely what Conversational AI does with it’s native integrated NLP Clever, but also with any other cognitive engine you wanna use.

A fluid and natural conversation between your Virtual Assistant and your customer will help you enlarge the engagement, which later will translate in more sales, and more loyal customers.

It is important to keep the communication with your customers right where they feel more comfortable, to better their experience and with that the image they have of your company.

Using Conversational AI to generate your Virtual Assistant not only will help with all of the above, but it will also benefit your company in saving money and giving a better service when it comes to customer service.


Communicate with your customers where they feel more comfortable at.

WhatsApp today has over 2 billion active users. It has become one of the most predominant texting app all around the world. Handling your business through a channel like this, will take your closer to your customers, and will make it easier for them to ask questions, submit inquires or even make purchases!

Help your customer’s inquires in no time.

Having a Virtual Assistant created with Conversational AI will allow your customers to get a fast answer to their inquires at any time of the day, any day of the year. Automatizing your customer service will improve the time your users need to wait to get their problem solved, giving them a much better experience.

Bring everything to your client’s hands.

The functionalities that using Conversational AI in WhatsApp has, will allow to bring from customer service to sales into your clients hands. They won’t need to go on the website and make a purchase, they would be able to ask for what they want on WhatsApp and even finish the purchasing there. Incredible isn’t it!

Provide your customers with a fast service.

Either if it’s make a purchase or pay a bill, brining transactions to WhatsApp help your users to self-serve themselves much faster, and at anytime! No more waiting in a queue to pay the bills, or having to buy something in store hours, by using Conversational AI in WhatsApp they can simply pay at their more convenient time.

Alert your customers with valuable information.

Setting up your Virtual Assistant with Conversational AI in WhatsApp allows you to not only let your customers get in touch with you, but also notificate based on selected data to send your customers valuable information such as restocks or availabilities.

Increase the engagement by bettering your user’s experience.

Placing all your services in your user’s hands will better the experience they have with you. Broken websites or platforms where things aren’t that easy to understand tend to leave a bad taste on your user’s, which is why using Conversational AI to power your Virtual Assistant and bring everything to the one app your users use the most, will better enormously the experience, increasing the level of engagement.

Uses cases

Conversational AI can be used in absolutely any industry, and for things you wouldn’t even imagine! Here
are some use cases, but the opportunities with Conversational AI are endless!


An user needs to open a bank account in a new bank. For this, they contact the WhatsApp contact center of such bank and explain to the VA what they need. After a few questions, the VA can ask for certain documents to evaluate if the user is eligible for a bank account, if so, the VA will pass on the docs and info to a human executive whom will contact the user later to finish the process.


An user that visited the clinic/hospital to get a few test done will contact the WhatsApp contact center to ask if their results are ready yet. If they are, after a security process the VA will find the exam results and send them to the user in-platform, without asking the user to leave the app.


An user with a phone plan in the telecom company, needs to pay his monthly bill, so they contact the Virtual Assistant created with Conversational AI through WhatsApp and ask how can they pay. The VA will tell them how to pay in WhatsApp and send the receipt on the same platform.

Consumer Product

An user who needs to buy a present but isn’t sure of what to get. They contact the customer service WhatsApp number of a store and ask the VA what would be an ideal present for someone, the VA thought a series of questions will identify what can they recommend, and will show options to the user, to the ones they can agree on buying and make the purchase process right there in the WhatsApp platform.


User who already booked a flight with the airline, needs to contact the WhatsApp customer service to ask the VA for their itinerary. The VA will ask for a few details regarding the booking and after a security process will send back on the same platform the doc with the itinerary.


Today Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users globally. Everyday more users browse this channel to find information about products and services, as well as to make purchases, so it has become an essential showcase for brands.

Boost your conversational experience giving your costumer the attention they need 24/7, answer any question about your product or service and show them what’s new in your business.


Elevate the conversational experience with WhatsApp Business. Conversational AI uses WhatsApp Business to makes interacting with customers easier by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Several customers use WhatsApp-Conversational AI already with millions of interactions. There are hundreds of transactional use cases such as bill download, balance recharge, real-time flight information, and more.

Cognitive Contact Center

Call Center represents one of the channels with the highest number of interactions with customers and is estimated to be the preferred channel for customer service in the coming years. Operation E in Call Center is one of the biggest expenses, even with a decreasing trend driven by operational improvements.

Adding a Virtual Agent to the Call Center, you can transform it into a Cognitive Contact Center and make your channel more efficient, reliable and resilient.

Facebook Messenger

According to Facebook, “more than 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month by Messenger.” With Conversational AI you can automatize most of the customer’s queries from Messenger, saving your team time to answer repeatedly the same questions and offering a better experience for your customer.


Users constantly have doubts about a service or purchase process or need support from the website. Having a webchat with Conversational AI as a customer support tool will solve their doubts instantly, without having to resort to another channel, and will positively influence the shopping experience, customer loyalty and business sales.

In fact, Forrester says that site visitors who use webchat are 2.8 times more likely to finish their purchase than those who don’t.

Google Home

This revolutionary channel is a native place for virtual assistants. You are probably wondering how to use these small devices for your business; here we explain some of the benefits.

Microsoft Teams

Having Conversational AI in Microsoft Teams is a powerful workspace tool for your employees. In a centralized place, they will be able to ask a virtual assistant about valuable information about the company, inquire about its benefits and obtain support from the technical area and much more.

App Chat

Having Conversational AI as a virtual assistant within the app will allow users to have quick assistance in case they need it, without jumping to any other channel. You can also identify your customers to proactively deliver personalized sales and, in this way, increase loyalty in the use of the app and the business.

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