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Likes and stories have been words we adopted in our daily vocabulary thanks to Instagram. Every since its birth back in 2010, the social media platform have exploding on the internet, transforming itself in the one place to be. Today, everyone we know have an Instagram account, from our friends, to our favorite brands.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become a must when it comes to the brand’s social media. With the stories system you can reach millions of users a day to promote your products! But with all this reach, handling so many costumers can become almost impossible.

Conversational AI on Instagram is the solution to let your business sky rocket without losing your mind in the process. Creating a Virtual Assistant will allow you to let it handle the most common and frequent questions, when you and your team only focus on the most serious matters.

Automatising a Virtual Agent will also help you reduce your response time rate, offering your users a 24/7 service and support, plus accompanying them in the purchase process no matter the time or place they are.

Today things happened fast, and if you are not there to help your clients, they will simply go to another store in less than 5 minutes. We need to catch their attention fast, and offer something differentiating in order to increase the conversions on Instagram, and that is exactly what Conversational AI does, it shows your customers that you care, it provides a personalized experience and is there for your users at the right time.

Is no strange for us to see at the metro or on the bus someone going through their Instagram Account either watching their feed or stories, and being there with your brand is more important than ever if your intention is to keep growing. Implementing a Virtual Assistant and going conversational in your platforms is a must today, and using Conversational AI on Instagram also allows you to integrate your own companies softwares such as ticketing system with the social media platform, so you can keep handling everything as you know how to, just reaching an incredible bigger amount of public.


A new way to generate leads

The incredible part of automatizing your Instagram store, is that everything your customers says will be stored in a database for you. In this way, you can generate more leads than before by saving their emails, phone numbers and shop behavior.

Improve your work quality

By saving time and focusing your important tasks of the day, you will be able to dedicate your energy into the more important matters, improving not only yours, but everyones quality of work.

Engagement and loyalty booster

Being where your public is takes you closer to them. They feel more comfortable and safer to shop with you and to spread the word about your shop. Having your Virtual Assistant created with Conversational AI making sure your customers are being taken care of, will with no doubt increase the loyalty they have with your brand, increasing this way the engagement as they will be come back when their experience is positive.

24/7 support

The most attractive thing about a Virtual Agent, is that it can be there for your customers at any time and any day. This provides your customers with the freedom of contacting you any time they need you, knowing they will get a fast a quality response.

Increase product sales

Setting up your brand’s business account on Instagram will allow you to showcase your products in a window directly to the world, and having a Virtual Assistant caring for your customers to help them pick exactly what they need will increase enormously your product’s sales.

Increase your brand’s social interaction

Interacting with your users is an important step into generating that engagement you need. The more you post, the more seen you are, and different interaction strategies such as contests or questions to generate comments will increase that social interaction between your user’s base and your brand. All this strategies can be automatized with a Virtual Agent, so you don’t miss anything.

Uses cases

An Conversational AI Virtual Assistant can be used on instagram for absolutely any industry, however here we leave you a few use cases you might find interesting, to show you a little bit more how having an up and running VA can help your business


In high need of a bank statement, a user chats with the Virtual Assistant and ask for what it needs. The VA goes through the security process to validate the user as a bank user, and proceeds to ask the relevant information in order to deliver the document asked. Once it’s done, the VA will send the doc throughout the same app and send a copy to the user’s email.


An user who isn’t feeling well needs to know what steps to follow in case they feel worst. Not having a doctor friend around, they go into the Healthcare Company of their choice to ask their Virtual Assistant about the symptoms they’re having. After a fluid conversation with the VA created with Conversational AI, they can understand if they need to go to a health facility or not.


An user needs to know the details of his phone plan. The amount of GB and mins they have every month and the date it renews. They go on the telecom company’s instagram account and ask the VA about the info they need. After a security process throughout a series of questions, the VA is able to give the user all the info they need.


An Insurance user needs to get a refund from the company. However is pushing the process because filling in forms can be complicated and tedious, which is why the user goes into the insurance’s instagram account and talks to the Virtual Agent, who will ask them questions to automatically be filling all the forms they need. At the end will send to the user’s emails all the documents ready to present at the insurance company.

Consumer Product

An Instagram user who’s going through their InstaStories come across an add about a clothing brand. They are interested in the clothes so they click on the ad and see the feed of the brand. They select the item the are interested in, but they aren’t sure about the size they need to purchase, so they go into the brand’s DMs and ask about the sizing. The Virtual Assistant created with Conversational AI catch this intent and assist the client about the inquire.


An airline user with a schedule flight is at the airport and need to get their boarding pass, instead of going and queuing at the counter to do so, or go into the airline’s website, the user will simply continue to use Instagram and send a DM to the airline IG account asking for their boarding pass. After a security validation, the VA will be able to directly send the boarding pass to the passenger, who can show it to board the plane directly from IG.


Today Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users globally. Everyday more users browse this channel to find information about products and services, as well as to make purchases, so it has become an essential showcase for brands.

Boost your conversational experience giving your costumer the attention they need 24/7, answer any question about your product or service and show them what’s new in your business.


Elevate the conversational experience with WhatsApp Business. Conversational AI uses WhatsApp Business to makes interacting with customers easier by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Several customers use WhatsApp-Conversational AI already with millions of interactions. There are hundreds of transactional use cases such as bill download, balance recharge, real-time flight information, and more.

Cognitive Contact Center

Call Center represents one of the channels with the highest number of interactions with customers and is estimated to be the preferred channel for customer service in the coming years. Operation E in Call Center is one of the biggest expenses, even with a decreasing trend driven by operational improvements.

Adding a Virtual Agent to the Call Center, you can transform it into a Cognitive Contact Center and make your channel more efficient, reliable and resilient.

Facebook Messenger

According to Facebook, “more than 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month by Messenger.” With Conversational AI you can automatize most of the customer’s queries from Messenger, saving your team time to answer repeatedly the same questions and offering a better experience for your customer.


Users constantly have doubts about a service or purchase process or need support from the website. Having a webchat with Conversational AI as a customer support tool will solve their doubts instantly, without having to resort to another channel, and will positively influence the shopping experience, customer loyalty and business sales.

In fact, Forrester says that site visitors who use webchat are 2.8 times more likely to finish their purchase than those who don’t.

Google Home

This revolutionary channel is a native place for virtual assistants. You are probably wondering how to use these small devices for your business; here we explain some of the benefits.

Microsoft Teams

Having Conversational AI in Microsoft Teams is a powerful workspace tool for your employees. In a centralized place, they will be able to ask a virtual assistant about valuable information about the company, inquire about its benefits and obtain support from the technical area and much more.

App Chat

Having Conversational AI as a virtual assistant within the app will allow users to have quick assistance in case they need it, without jumping to any other channel. You can also identify your customers to proactively deliver personalized sales and, in this way, increase loyalty in the use of the app and the business.

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