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Technology today has brought us an infinite amount of solution for our daily tasks. From automating our coffee machine for fresh brewed coffee in the mornings, to our light system so we don’t need to care about turning off the lights at night. Automatization and artificial intelligence today helps us to track our days, our habits and even our work.

Ever since 2020 changed the perspective of everything in life, online-automatization have grown enormously, especially when it came down to help us work from home. Different systems and ideas had to be implemented quickly so we could carry on with life without leaving our houses.

Microsoft teams was announced back in 2017, however it didn’t gained much attention until the Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire world. The need to work in an online environment from everyones home gave Teams the edge it needed, and ever since it just keeps getting better and better.

With over 330.000 companies using it around the globe, Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing platform in Microsoft’s history, and has been updated to fit everyone’s needs constantly, transforming itself in a robust and very helpful tool for work. Even the companies that decided to move back to the office are still using teams as their based work environment.

The pandemic and the need to stay home also meant for many people to move back to their hometowns and carry on working from there, so even when some work places are back in the in-person life, they need an online space to get everyone together, and that is Teams.

More than a work tool, teams is an organizational workplace that allows you to do more than just chat or create channels. Automatizing your company’s Teams account will help you in saving time and efforts, by getting simple tasks done for you by the Virtual Agents you can create. You can throw every information your employee’s need for their daily work into one Virtual Assistant well created with Conversational AI, so they instead of asking you or someone else, can simply ask the VA.

Automatization goes beyond simply frequently asked questions, and the limit is constantly expanding. You can create conversational paths for HR, authorizations and a lot more.

Take a look at the wonderful benefits that using a Virtual Agent created with Conversational AI has in Microsoft Teams.


Improve information access within your company

Asking questions too many times can be embarrassing sometimes, however asking the same question to a bot is not. Having everything your employee’s need to know in the hands of a Virtual Agent powered by Conversational AI, will help everyone in your company to have access to all the info without bothering anybody. With this automatization they can ask about holidays, days off, process doubts and much more, and it will act as a filter for HR to handle only the more serious and particular issues.

Improve your work quality

By saving time and focusing your important tasks of the day, you will be able to dedicate your energy into the more important matters, improving not only yours, but everyones quality of work.

Reduce stress levels

By saving time and focusing your important tasks of the day, you will be able to dedicate your energy into the more important matters, improving not only yours, but everyones quality of work.

Save time for you and your employees

Automating certain process you can save valuable time for yourself and for your employees. Waiting for an answer or an approval can sometimes make a deal take longer than its needed, automating this will help you to focus your time in other matters, and your employees to accelerate their process.

Shorten waiting time

Virtual Agents help you to send instant replies when the right intention is detected. Creating well design paths in your use cases, will help you to catch intents in groups, channels and one-to-one conversation, activating the VA to send the right answer instantly. This helps your company in saving time, efforts and of course, money!

Enhance self-service

Automatization and the use of a Virtual Agent on teams allows you enhance self-service in your employees, by having the option of booking days off, upload sick leaves or even editing their holiday period, all of this without the need of a HR representative to do the paperwork. With the right use case built, you can even send paperwork to get sign by employees and validate them to approve or reject any petition. Incredible!

Uses cases

Conversational AI can be used in absolutely any industry, and for things you wouldn’t even imagine! Here
are some use cases, but the opportunities with Conversational Ai are endless!

Save time

As the team leader, there are certain requirements that need to go through your approval, including simple requests that you only need to check if all the information is there. For this, you use automatization to see for yourself if everything you need is in the document, by scanning and telling you if it’s ok or not. This saves you time and effort, and allows you to focus on other tasks.

Improve work’s quality

As a worker for an organization using automated Microsoft Teams, having the opportunity to focus only on your main task and forgetting about another mechanical small tasks that the VA will do now, you get the chance to put into your work more focus, pay more attention to details and construct better and with higher quality final pieces.

Reduce stress

As an employee, coming back from the weekend can get stressful. Going through emails and messages from Friday evening and the weekend can send your day to a slow start. However since you have a Virtual Agent in Teams that can interrupt in conversations with the information needed, you will only get the more important messages and emails to deal with.

Improve info access

Holidays season can be a bit tricky for the ones staying in the office. Sometimes we do need that one person to help us with one or several details. Using a Virtual Assistant where you can deposit all the information your employees needs, will make the VA the one person everyone need for information, granting access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way your employees will also feel comfortable to ask anything and at any time.


As an employee working from home, you need to ask for a holiday period, so instead of contacting HR and having to work out a time frame where you, your boss and HR can all jump on a call, you simply write to the Virtual Agent and tell it dates you want off. This VA will validate the information and your boss will be able to simply accept or reject the request. This way you can ask for it on your own time, without bothering anyone and get an answer quick and fast directly into your inbox.

Waiting times to the minimum

When asking for some approval to go on with a deal, or needing some exact information to carry on with your work, using a VA that automatizes this processing will cut short all the waiting times, making your work more efficient and allowing you to complete more tasks in less time.


Today Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users globally. Everyday more users browse this channel to find information about products and services, as well as to make purchases, so it has become an essential showcase for brands.

Boost your conversational experience giving your costumer the attention they need 24/7, answer any question about your product or service and show them what’s new in your business.


Elevate the conversational experience with WhatsApp Business. Conversational AI uses WhatsApp Business to makes interacting with customers easier by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Several customers use WhatsApp-Conversational AI already with millions of interactions. There are hundreds of transactional use cases such as bill download, balance recharge, real-time flight information, and more.

Cognitive Contact Center

Call Center represents one of the channels with the highest number of interactions with customers and is estimated to be the preferred channel for customer service in the coming years. Operation E in Call Center is one of the biggest expenses, even with a decreasing trend driven by operational improvements.

Adding a Virtual Agent to the Call Center, you can transform it into a Cognitive Contact Center and make your channel more efficient, reliable and resilient.

Facebook Messenger

According to Facebook, “more than 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month by Messenger.” With Conversational AI you can automatize most of the customer’s queries from Messenger, saving your team time to answer repeatedly the same questions and offering a better experience for your customer.


Users constantly have doubts about a service or purchase process or need support from the website. Having a webchat with Conversational AI as a customer support tool will solve their doubts instantly, without having to resort to another channel, and will positively influence the shopping experience, customer loyalty and business sales.

In fact, Forrester says that site visitors who use webchat are 2.8 times more likely to finish their purchase than those who don’t.

Google Home

This revolutionary channel is a native place for virtual assistants. You are probably wondering how to use these small devices for your business; here we explain some of the benefits.

Microsoft Teams

Having Conversational AI in Microsoft Teams is a powerful workspace tool for your employees. In a centralized place, they will be able to ask a virtual assistant about valuable information about the company, inquire about its benefits and obtain support from the technical area and much more.

App Chat

Having Conversational AI as a virtual assistant within the app will allow users to have quick assistance in case they need it, without jumping to any other channel. You can also identify your customers to proactively deliver personalized sales and, in this way, increase loyalty in the use of the app and the business.

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