Introducing our latest features with new dashboards, enhanced workflows, and GPT-3
Angela Rodriguez February 7, 2023
Our eva product, recognized by Everest Group as a Major Contender, continues to evolve with new features that will help you grow your business and improve your users' conversational experience. We know the importance of knowing your customers, so we have created tools to analyze and segment users and provide them with a much more focused and personalized conversation. In addition, today the value of speed in transactions is a plus to keep customers happy, so we include improvements that will allow leaps in the flows. The best part is that we also think about reducing your costs with the Voice Gateway. Innovation is key to our product, that's why we've already connected with the powerful GPT-3 tool.
These new features of eva will leave you happily shocked, take a closer look at what's new

Analyze your users to personalize conversations - a whole new level of experience!

We have created a new dashboard for message details and a section for conversations, which will help your business turn customer interactions around. You will be able to visualize each message sent and received by the bot in a complete and exhaustive way to retrain and improve it more and more, this way, you will be able to understand the context of each conversation to further analyze your users' needs and their behavior to address better solutions. Now you will be able to make a more exhaustive analysis and concentrate the information in one place, thanks to the implementation of message and conversation reports, which will allow you to export an excel document with the detail of the messages and the summary of the conversations.

Segment your customers and target them quickly Give them the answers they need and add value to your business!

With this important advance, you will be able to segment your users and define to which range they belong to focus the information and give them a differentiated communication according to their interests.

Not Expected Flow

To improve the user experience, the not expect flow now accepts several cells, enabling you to process information before answering the user when the virtual agent doesn’t understand his input. You can differentiate the response based on user context, deliver sequential answers or even call APIs to fetch information that could answer the user’s input from external sources.

Welcome flow

Because you asked for it... just like the Not Expect flow, you can now build flows when welcoming the user, loading context information, calling external services, disambiguating user segments, delivering different messages based on user profile and for better management of user data. This feature also allows you to deliver sequential responses without entering a specific flow, and to jump to another flow from these two flows.

Reduce costs thanks to Voice Gateway implementation

eva is now able to manage telephone conversations. With the Voice Gateway it is possible to implement and automate use cases with all the power of eva's dialog manager. With this new functionality, you will be able to forget about external platforms because in eva you will have everything condensed to create a Cognitive Contact Center.

Improve the user experience even further

Now, through the Conversation API, you can force the execution of a flow by passing its name in the code field. This feature allows you to start a flow without an intent and force its execution – even in the middle of another flow. For example, you can create a menu in a webchat that allows the user to jump directly to a payment flow, even if the user was already running a flow. This way, you can create a custom chat window with a cart button.

Amazon Lex inside eva AMAZING!

We've added another NLP to our list! If your knowledge base is in Amazon Lex, you can now integrate it with eva to create flows and manage the entire conversational user journey.

The future is here: eva now with OpenAI's GPT-3

We couldn't leave out this powerful new tool, GPT-3 will help us to have much more dynamic and accurate responses in real time to give users an amazing experience and streamline the creation of virtual assistant conversations. This is just the beginning! More information coming soon If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to us here 
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Discover what’s new in eva 3.4 to create powerful virtual assistants
Angela Rodriguez August 30, 2021
Creating virtual assistants is a real challenge, so it is important to have platforms that allows you to manage each process in an optimal way. The eva expert team has worked on improving the product evolving to eva 3.4 version, which brings new features in the dialog manager to create more powerful flows and improve the interaction with users.
We want to tell you about the new features of eva, our platform for creating and managing virtual assistants

Rule cells to manage and customize the flows of your virtual assistants

If you have flows that needs any kind of rules, Rule cells is for you. You can manage and customize flows according to the variations of the business rule. It’s a resource to make your dialog more assertive and much more precise, as the bot will respond to any changeable scenario. To know more about how to create Rule Cells, click here

Code cell

It’s a new way to share information available in eva’s system that doesn’t depend on APIs. It also allows creating variables, that's why it provides immense advantages in a bot flow creation process. Code Cell performs many activities (such as calculations and validation) without the need for this connection. This gives you the following advantages:  
  • Manipulate objects
  • Anticipate executions and actions
  • Perform services without the need for APIs
  • Save time
  • Reduce services costs
To learn how to create a Code cell, just click here  

Integration with Dashbot to have a better analysis about virtual assistants perfomance,

We make available a new integration with Dashbot. This exclusive platform for bot analysis has more than 40 indicators, among which stand out users, conversations, intentions, entities and more. For further information, click here  
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